Saturday, 24 December 2011

Facebook Shows Signs Of Ending Support For IE7

A year after Facebook officially stopped support for Internet Explorer 6, it's probably time for IE7 to follow suit. The first sign comes in the form of Facebook deactivating its latest Timeline service for users of IE7. Instead of offering partial Timeline support for the browser, IE7 has been completely ignored by the development team. Although the social networking giant hasn't officially turned off all support for the browser yet, users can still view their older Facebook profile, with a few styling issues caused by the browser's jagged CSS support.
The move puts Facebook in the same boat as Internet search giant Google, which has officially cut off support for popular services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs for IE7 users. Currently, Facebook is compatible with "the most up-to-date versions" of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
Once activated, you cannot deactivate the Timeline feature on your Facebook profile. However if want to go back to the old profile view, minus the Timeline, then IE7 might be of some help after all.

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