Thursday, 15 March 2012

Can the iPad 3 Screen be used in Daylight?

Apple launched a new iPad model last week that, among other things, has a retina display, a faster processor and a better camera. Now here are some still image frames grabbed from the video ad that Apple released soon after the iPad 3 announcement.

Image 1: An old man drawing something on his iPad.


Image 2: This man is shooting a video of his family playing on the beach.


Image 3: A lady is buying fruits while looking at the iPad.


Image 4: The family is celebrating their kid’s birthday in the garden.


There’s one things that’s common in all the above images. You can see people using their iPad outside in daylight even while they are on the beach.

The screen of the original iPad and that of iPad 2 is very reflective and barely visible when you are using the tablet in the open but if this video ad is any indication, those Kindle “Pool” ads would soon be irrelevant.

We’ll have to wait until March 16th when “real” users get their hands on the new iPad.



Apps to Manipulate PDF Files on your iOS Device


Your iPad or the iPhone are excellent devices for reading PDF files but if you are also looking for a way to manipulate PDF documents on your iOS device itself, do check out PDF splicer.

With PDF Splicer, you can easily delete pages from a PDF document, combine multiple PDFs into one file or you can move pages from one PDF file into another using copy and paste.

The app can also be used to create PDF documents from scratch using the various images available in your Photo Gallery. While you are in the Photo Gallery app, just copy an image to the clipboard, switch to PDF Splicer and choose Insert External Clipboard Image to put that image into a PDF document.

If you have a scanned PDF file where the the orientation of images is not proper, you can easily rotate those pages in either direction using PDF Splicer and export the changes into another PDF file.

The PDF Splicer app is $4.99 but it’s currently available for free so this is something you should not miss.

Also, if you want to edit PDF files on your iPad /iPhone, an app like Good Reader may be a better choice. Here you have an option to type text directly on PDF pages, you can highlight paragraphs like a yellow marker or annotate pages using the various freehand drawing tools. This is one of my favorite apps for the iPad.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

You Can’t Escape the Facebook News Ticker Anymore


The Facebook News Ticker displays updates from Facebook Pages that you have "liked" and activity of your Facebook friends in real time. Going forward, Facebook also plans to display ads and sponsored stories in the ticker alongside regular updates.

The news ticker is integrated with the Facebook Chat window and, until now, the ticker was only visible if your browser width was greater than 1200 pixels. If you were accessing Facebook on, say, a netbook with a small screen, the News Ticker may not be shown to you.

That seems to have changed now. If the width of your desktop screen (or the browser window) isn’t large enough to accommodate the News Ticker, it detaches itself from the Chat window and becomes part of Facebook’s right sidebar.