Sunday, 11 December 2011

Reduce Size of Multiple Pictures In One Go

In our everyday life we use so many gadgets, but there is one thing that is common in almost all of them that is camera. All of us like clicking pictures as images can capture the best moments. But after we click the pictures we have a lot of formatting to do with them in terms of their size, format and sometimes also their name. I have got a solution to all your needs, an application named Lightning Image Resizer.
This tool will help you perform all the possible tasks that you want with your images such as changing them to the desired format, resizing them and changing their name by either prefixing something to their name or post fixing something to their name. The tool as it’s name suggests, Lightning Image Resizer works lightning fast due to the concept of thread being implemented in it which will allow you to decide the maximum number of threads being  used to perform the task which will speed up the task.
The above window will open up when you will run the software the software for the first time after downloading it, the software doesn’t require any installation. The software has two buttons at the top viz. Source Folder and Source Files. The Source Folder button will help you to select the folder where you have all the images present in case you want to run an operation on a large number of images. If it is a directory you can use the same option i.e. Source Folder and check the Include Sub Folders option. The other option that you have is Source Files button that will help you to select the various files that you want to want to modify
The bottom section of the tool contains various options like Output Format, which can be selected from any of these formats Source, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png and  .emf. The other option that is there is Max Dimension in which you can alter the height of the image by specifying its value in the Size textbox. The title addition option will let you Prefix or Postfix something to the name of the image. Then the other important option is Overwrite files, you can check this option if you don’t want your original images. In case you do want them you can specify the path where they should be saved using the Destination button. Now the best feature of this tool Max running threads, you can specify any number in this box that will help you to speed up the process with a large number of threads running. If we put 0 in the text box it will use unlimited threads which will make it work fastest for doing a process.
Download Lightning Image Resizer.

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