Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 10 Technical News!!!

1.PayPal to Launch Mobile Coupons in 2012

Its official and most likely to launch in early 2012.

2.Google Buys a Virtual Assistant

Google announced on Tuesday that it acquired Alfred app maker, Clever Sense
which is know for digital personal assistant.This acquisition is targeted to
compete with siri which lets iphone 4S users to perform any task via voice

3.Google Extends Free Gmail Calls in the US and Canada to 2012

Free calls were added to Gmail in August 2010 with an announcement that they
will be remain free for the rest of the year.At the end of 2010 Google exntends
this offer to 2011 and it is extented for 2012( throughout  the year ).

4.Apple Confirms 18 Billion Unique App Store Downloads

Apple has announced on Tuesday that the Mac App Store had reached 100 million
downloads in less than a year.

5.SocialBro Integrates PeerIndex, Now You can filter you twitter followers

Now you can filter your twitter followers by various factors via

SocialBro allows you to filter you twitter followers by Peerindex
score which is a great alternative of klout score and by far most accurate after
klout scores.           

6.Alibaba Adds Gaming Support to 'Chinese Android' OS

7.Google Chrome Gets Multi-User Support

Now you Chrome has multi user support which enable you to carry your bookmarks
anywhere you go.All you have to do is sign in to chrome by your Google account and
forget everything.Below is the screen shot showing you how you can sign in to chrome.


8.Skype v2.6 is Rolled out for Android

9.Microsoft Releases SkyDrive Apps for WP7, iPhone

10.Rumour : Facebook Could Launch Mobile Ads in March
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