Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Top 5 Winter Gadgets - stay warm in winter…

       Winter brings to mind images of snow, fireplaces and of course Christmas but most predominately; cold. While most of us enjoy a lot about winter, usually shivering cold is not one of them. Here are 5 fun gadgets to help beat the cold and get on with enjoying winter! Stay warm with these winter gadgets…!!
Speaker Beanie


      The speaker beanie is a genius invention for any music lover. Let’s face it, wearing headphones under your beanie or cap can get annoying, if they fall out you have to take everything off and put them back (which means putting your ears in the cold, brrr). Enter the speaker beanie. A cap with built in headphones that can plug into almost anything! It’s warm, plays music and the top five best gadgets for winter list wouldn’t be complete without it! Ranging in price from $14 – $50, speaker beanies come made for iPhone, MP3 Players and more.
USB Mug Warmer


Another big problem with winter is that your coffee/cup of soup/hot chocolate cools down way faster in the cold. The USB mug warmer is a simple winter gadget that plugs into a USB port on your computer and gently warms your mug of coffee for 20 to 30 minutes. Models vary in style, color and price but can usually be found in the price range of $3 – $8.

Heated Slippers


   Most people dread having cold feet, not the cliché kind, the kind where you slip out of your shoes and notice your toes are blue. These days, there is a solution that while isn’t really 100% electrical, still makes a great gadget for winter. A heated slipper insert is filled with a special thermal material that you can just pop into the microwave and stick on your feet. The material will stay warm for up to 30 minutes. While prices vary, most of these slippers can be found under $20.

Touchscreen Gloves


      You don’t want to take your gloves off in the cold winter but your touchscreen just won’t work with them on. Touchscreen gloves make the top five best gadgets for winter because they serve the dual purpose of keeping your hands toasty warm while allowing you to use your smartphone/touchscreen computer at the same time, no hassle of removing your gloves, freezing your hands and then putting everything back on. Touchscreen gloves come in a variety of sizes, for both men and women and can usually be found $20 and under.

USB Warmer Mouse


      A heated mouse might be exactly what you need if you spend long hours at the computer. Whether at work or in your home, the heated mouse will keep your hands warm with little to no inconvenience on your part. A heated mouse is the perfect winter electronic. Value Rays heated mouse starts at $35.95 and features 800 DPI scrolling, a heat on/off switch, plug and play install, two buttons and scroll wheel.

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