Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The all New and Sturdy Casio Android G-shock Smartphone

The new Casio Android G-shock smart phone is another strong and ‘tough as nails’ smart phone from the house of Casio. It is mainly aimed for those who enjoy outdoor activities and like to live a rough and tough life without having to worry about the safety of their Smartphone.


The Striking Design of Casio Android G-shock Smartphone

Like all the earlier designs of the Casio phones, the G-shock Smartphone also displays the signature design of the watches from Casio. To give it a more interesting look, all the buttons of the G-shock smartphone are placed on the sides and near the corners of it. The rear side of this smart phone is given a tougher look with exposed screws and an attractive metal case back.

Some Key Resistant Qualities of the G-shock Smartphone

As the name suggests, Casio has emphasized more on the resistant quality, to make it a damage free unbreakable smartphone. Some of its highly featured resilient features are:

  • Water resistant capacity up to 1.0bar(10m)
  • Shock resistant capacity to 10 feet
  • Can resist pressure to 1.0bar
  • Contains a metal case back
  • Constructed by using plastic/resin

Therefore, with so many impervious attributes, this new G-shock smartphone from Casio is all set to deliver a shock to the customers. Ardent lovers of extreme sports would love to own this new Smartphone as it will allow them to carry it even while enjoying their sports activities.

As Casio is famous for producing durable wrist watches, so in order to mirror the quality and durability of their watches, Casio has tried to give this phone a look like their wrist watches. Although its price is still not disclosed, this new G-shock will definitely become one of the favorites among the prospective customers.

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