Monday, 16 January 2012

Amazing Software’s of the Week

QQ Messenger International 1.1:
QQ Messenger may not sound familiar, but it's the most popular IM client in China.When you think about IM clients, the first names that come to your head are Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and the likes. But have you ever heard of QQ Messenger?With more than one billion registered accounts, QQ Messenger is now more than just a simple IM client: it's a whole social phenomenon that millions of people use on a daily basis, and an essential part of their lives.
Real Desktop Standard 1.69:
Real Desktop is one of those PC applications that aren't really that useful, but have such an attractive effect on your system that you want to install them anyway.Real Desktop turns your Windows desktop into a three-dimensional environment where all your shortcuts look like small pieces that have been dropped on the floor – and they actually behave like that. You can move them, rotate them, lift them a bit from the floor and mix them all around the desktop surface. The only icon that remains in Real Desktop somewhat apart is the Recycle bin, probably to help you find it faster.
Rhapsody 2.1 Build 0.163:
Simple, fast and reliable, Rhapsody seamlessly combines complete music jukebox software with award winning music services to bring the world of music to your fingertips.Whether you are playing your personal MP3 collection or exploring our on demand catalog of over a million pristine digital songs, Rhapsody is ready to deliver the music experience you're looking for.Rhapsody's jukebox software is packed with all the tools you need to build and manage your digital music collection. Import and organize your music files, burn CDs, download songs and transfer them to your portable music player. Rhapsody makes it easy.
Amazing 3D Aquarium 2.50:
Amazing 3D Aquarium is a unique, living underwater world, inhabited by fish from various families, including plankton, starfish, sea anemones and other underwater plants and corals. You can watch the Aquarium life in two modes - Animated desktop Wallpaper and Animated Screensavers.Not only can you simply sit back and watch but you can add new fish packs into the aquarium, add and change coral landscapes and apply other accompanying aquarium add-ons, such as clocks. The aquarium will give you an opportunity to watch a living underwater world on your computer´s desktop.
Blender Portable 2.60a:
Reviewing Blender Portable was like one of those nightmares where you suddenly realize that you are in deep water, but can't swim. Amazing in its variety, flexibility and features, Blender is a huge program, and no matter how thorough the review, it just doesn't seem to do it justice.
Blender Portable is a no-install version of the 3D content creation suite. As it doesn’t need installation, there is no messing around with managers or complicated set-up processes. You simply open the file, and away you go. For the uninitiated, the Blender Portable interface is a little overwhelming.
Xara Xtreme
Xara Xtreme's integrated Xara Picture Editor can handle all the most common photo work in its sleep - a simple, fast and effective one-click auto-enhance can adjust brightness and contrast etc, you can crop, rotate and resize, and repair red-eye. And Xtreme is even better when you want to get more ambitious - maybe adding a neat transparency effect or adjusting the colors, maybe using a plug-in to add awesome effects. And don't forget that Xtreme is a drawing tool too, so it's a snip to add text, add a frame or any other drawn image - making it ideal for everything from simple cards to knock out photo compositions.
Torq 2.0.2:
Torq is an impressive audio mixing app that helps you create your own music. Developed by Avid and used by thebest DJs around the world, Torq features professional tools and results.The interface in Torq will surely look confusing, even overwhelming to those not used to music mixing software. The program can have up to four mixing decks, though you can have only two visible at the beginning, while you get to grips with it. All buttons, sliders and menus are conveniently laid out for ease of use.
Marine Life 3D Screensaver 1.0:
Underwater screensavers are usually my favourite because they're the most interesting. There's always something happening and the colours are awesome. Since I've managed to kill every real fish I've ever owned too, it's also a lot less hassle.
Marine Life 3D Screensaver is one of the most realistic I've seen yet featuring an amazing array of fish and coral. You get clownfish, dancing seahorses and many other exotic creatures I have no idea existed swimming in crystal clear water. It's really relaxing just watching them swim around as they seem to have a very distinct life of their own. There are even sound effects although you might want to turn these off if you're working in an office.

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