Monday, 9 January 2012

Windows Phone Device Manager Version v1.8 public beta now available


For those looking to literally explore more of your developer-unlocked Windows Phone (including CheveronWP7 Labs), you'll want to grab v1.8 of the Windows Phone Device Manger by Schaps. The app is a one-stop place for doing all sorts of cool things on your phone via your Windows Desktop--it's basically the old Device Manager from Windows Mobile but augmented with many news functions. Here are just a few:
· Applications management: view, install/uninstall & update applications
· File management: explore device, exchange files with your phone
· Sync files, folders and favorites with phone
· Send to Windows Phone (to send files, apps, ringtones, web links in one click)
· Detailed device information (CPU, ROM, RAM, storage, network, battery, OS,...)
· Detailed storage information
· Add and manage custom ringtones
· Send SMS, E-mail, notes directly from PC (without needing cloud services)
· Remote screen view and take screenshots of the phone
· Backup/restore files and application data
· Create and manage backup/restore of the phone
· Full access to apps isolated storage....

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