Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Best way to find deleted and missing RESTORE POINTS…..

We always prefer to use the system in a safe and convenient mode. But when the problem may arise we never know. So, we should have the solution for the problems which we can easily handle. Similar is the case with the system restore facility. We need to apply the changes in the convenient and the correct manner. For that you need a utility to manage the changes. So, today I would like to review a utility named as System Restore Manager. As the name suggests the utility is used to help you in restoring related problems.

System Restore Manager is a small freeware of 228 KB only. It is a portable utility. The utility will help you to manage the restore point in your system. The snapshot below will help you to understand the use of utility in a more systematic way.


Moving on to the usage of the utility. It can be stated that you have to mention certain requirements and your work will be done. The process can be described as: The first step is to create the Restore Point. For that, you have to simply click on the “Create Point” button. A list of the old restore point will be presented to you. Now, you can easily select the restore point from the list created. After the selection, click on the “Restore System” button. This will restart your system to create the new points. Now, the utility will present all the available points.

You can easily remove the unwanted points from the new list available. It is very simple process. Select the restore point that is not required. Then click on “Delete Selected” button. You may also select all the unwanted restore points at one time and proceed. Save the other ones which you want to use in future.

Now you have just specify some other requirements present in the column on the right hand side. Firstly it will show the disk space for the system restore where both the allocated disk space and the space used are given. Then you can mention the maximum disk space that can be used. Select the disk drive from the drop down menu. Then you can mention the restore point interval based on four different specifications i.e. days, hours, minutes and seconds. After that specify the restore point time to live. This was the final thing you were supposed to enter. Now you easily avail the facility.

Download System Restore Manager


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