Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Manage multiple open tabs in Google chrome….open tabs even if history is deleted….

Google chrome has been presenting extensions from time to time so that the browser can become more interesting to use. Also, these google chrome extensions make it more user friendly. So, after the series of extensions I would like to present another important and useful extension to manage the current session of your browser. With the large number of tabs you might think that it is very difficult to handle all. We have presented another extension in the same context but just to view the tabs. And now I would like to review Session Buddy to manage all the tabs in the chrome windows currently opened.1

Session Buddy is a google chrome extension which you can install free of cost. It is very simple to install. Go to the webpage with the help of link given in the end and install the extension. It is a one click process as all the other extensions. There utility has been shown in the snapshot below. The icon will be present in the top right corner as shown.

Let us see what are the options provided by the tool. The very first problem you might have faced is that when you are simultaneously using number of tabs in google chrome, they are bit difficult to differentiate. So, your chrome buddy i.e. Session Buddy will help you to see all the current windows in one window. The actions that can be performed by the user can be explained as. You can save and restore anything from the current session. This will also resolve your problem if the browser gets crashed and there were important windows. You can import the session anytime required.

The options settings can be changed with the help of the options presented as shown in the snapshot below. You can choose if you want to see the URLs or the tab names only. Similarly, you can make a choice for tab count and Auto save the previous session. The auto save option proves to be very useful specially when you have to shut down your system in a hurry. You can choose the required options from the Tab Filtering options also as per the requirement. Click on Save after making the changes.


These were all the options you would like to have while managing your tabs. Inspite of having the record of all the tabs, you can simply save the session now onwards. So, use your Session Buddy to handle your problems. And you are free to use the browser after that.


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