Friday, 9 December 2011

Check List Of All Windows Programs Using Internet Connection.

Security is one of the major concern for all the computer users. Most of the external threats in the form of virus, malware or other suspicious elements comes into the system through the Internet. Sometimes, we don’t even know but some of the programs installed in our PC tries to connect to communicate with servers on the Internet or on some other networks and in this process our system becomes open for external threats. So, one of the major checks that must be implied by the computer users in order to make sure that their system is secured is to check all the open connections regularly. We know it is very difficult to check it manually after a regular interval of time, that is why we recommend you one of the latest developed small utility which can very well take care of this for the users having the Internet connection.
Although, earlier also there are many other utilities which can show all the programs which are having open connection with the internet. But, one of the other utility that we are discussing here comes with much more advance options. Moo0 ConnectionWatcher is a small, useful and very easy to use program which is available as a freeware and it can display a detailed list of all those programs which as mentioned are accessing the Internet in one way or another. This small application is available as a portable program andinstaller, and as soon as you launch it, it will display all open connections.

internet conn

If you want to have this extra feature for security in your system, then you may simply download it from the link given below. Once you install it, you may observe that its interface looks very user friendly and allows the user to use its features very easily and successfully. You may observe that each connection is listed in its own line, with all the detailed information about the protocol, process id, process name, local and remote port and data that has been received in your computer through the network.
Among the list of all the programs which are currently accessing the Internet, you may simply right-click on any one of them and it will open a context menu with different options by which you may either close the program or simply kill the process. It also enables the user to locate the program on the computer’s hard drive, and then one may either disconnect the connection or open the program’s properties.
You may also observe that there is a status bar which displays the complete statistics about the number of open connections, the protocol, and the data that is currently received and sent by the computer. Along with these options to display the current connections, it also allows the user to view a log with past connections as well so that programs which accessed the Internet earlier could also be traced. It shows all the connections after sorting them by date and time which makes it easier for the user to monitor.
Over all we can say that Moo0 ConnectionWatcher is really a useful program to monitor Internet and network connections and that too with many advanced features like filtering, alerts, notifications, references and web searches.
Download Moo0 ConnectionWatcher

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