Thursday, 8 December 2011

Create Linux Like Multiple Desktops In Windows.

Sometimes you may have experienced a situation when you end up opening many applications and programs at the same time and it becomes very difficult for you to locate the program to which you want to switch. This is all due to limited space on the desktop in windows which often leads to such a productivity bottleneck for many users. So, if you also experience such situations quite often and are really looking for a solution then we recommend you one of the latest developedutility which provides a solution and makes it easy for the users.
Although, earlier also there are few applications which help the user by allowing the user with some of the advanced features but still one can feel that most of these applications, are not really that easy to use, or they bring such additional functionality that increases the complexity instead of reducing it. So, that is why we recommend you this utility which is much more simple and that is why it is different from its ancestors.
Moo0 MultiDesktop is a small, simple, easy to use and a freely available utility which allows the users to switch between different desktops and it looks like if the user is using more then one computer at the same time. This small software basically offers four virtual desktops to the user and that too with the extreme ease. There is no complexity involved for the user and we may also that there are no extra flags attached to it and thus the software does only what it is supposed to do and with easy-to-understand manner which makes it a quite simple yet very useful software.
You may try it out by simply downloading it from the below given link and after installing it, you may observe that it runs silently behind the scene without disturbing any of the program running on the computer. This utility supports keyboard shortcuts as well which in fact makes it much easier for the user as there is no need to click on the mouse again and again. By default, the keyboard keys through which you can jump between the four desktops are Ctrl + [1-4], but the user can modify these keys as well. Moo0 MultiDesktop also adds a floating little bar on the desktop which is shown in the small snapshot and it shows which virtual desktop is currently active. Although, user may also hide this bar or place it anywhere else on the desktop.

Other than these features and its use, the user may also control its appearance i.e. whether it should be transparent or with some skins, change language, and instruct the software to start with Windows or not. So, overall it is a pretty simple yet very useful utility.

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