Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Top 10 News:APPLE

1.Steve Jobs’s    statue was unveiled yesterday in Budapest, Hungary. steve-jobs-statue-2

The bronze statue is 6 1/2 feet (two-meter) tall and weighs approximately 200kg. It depicts Jobs wearing jumper, jeans, sneakers and glasses. The statue shows Jobs familiar pose, gesturing as if addressing the world about his company’s gadgets. As statue commissioner says, "It expresses the dynamism and the spirit of Steve Jobs."


The statue is located outside the headquarters of software design company Graphisoft. It was commissioned by the founder of Graphisoft in mid-October, after Steve Jobs died. As for company, it was supported by Apple since 1984.


2.Facebook App for iPhone Updated!!

Facebook has just released an update of its popular iPhone application, to version 4.1. The update includes Timeline Access and Faster Photo load. Now to view the new profile Timeline, Subscribes and Subscriptions, you can pop-over notifications and add people to friend lists.


It is an important thing to note that now you can load the photos faster. The photos displayed on Mobile Timeline looks beautiful and the interface is not cluttered. When you view photo albums via Mobile Timeline, only 4 albums are displayed initially, but you can swipe them to view additional thumbnails as well.

Consider that changing the privacy settings of the posts and editing a friend list directly is unavailable. However by clicking on the Friends button beneath someone’s Timeline cover, you can add them to friend list or unfriend with them. This is useful if you want to restrict some friends’ access to your content. get the  APP here.

3.Apple chosen as top online electronics retailer in customer survey

A new customer satisfaction survey has again placed Apple as the top computers and electronics retailer with the second-highest score overall, behind only online retail giant Amazon.


4.Apple granted another key multitouch patent

Apple won a core multitouch patent regarding oscillating signals that was alluded to when Steve Jobs first announced the original iPhone in 2007, and adds to the company's already formidable legal arsenal.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published on Tuesday that the Cupertino, Calif. company now owns a crucial patent that describes how touch events are recognized by a touchscreen device, and was one of the "200+ Patents for new inventions" Jobs lauded when the iPhone first debuted, reports Apple patent blog Patently Apple.

5.iOS, Android activations surge 353% on record setting Christmas Day

Devices running Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms saw a huge spike in activations Christmas Day, growing 353 percent from average totals earlier in December.
In the first 20 days of December, mobile device activations tracked by analytics firm Flurry were around 1.5 million each day. But on Dec. 25, it identified 6.8 million new iOS and Android activations, representing 353 percent growth.

6.Apple to launch iPhone 4S in mainland China before Jan. 23

Apple has met all of the requirements for the iPhone 4S to launch in mainland China, and the handset will reportedly debut before the Chinese New Year in late January.

7.Italy fines Apple $1.2M for 'unfair commercial practices'

Apple's retail operations were fined 900,000 euros, or $1.2 million, in Italy in response to complaints of "unfair commercial practices" related to product warranties.
The total fine came from what the Italian Antitrust Authority determined were two failures by Apple's retail stores in Italy, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple Sales International, Apple Italia Srl and Apple Retail Italia were fined "for not providing clear information to customers on product assistance,"

8.Hackers claim Siri port to iPhone 4 avoids copyright infringement

Hackers have managed to successfully port Apple's Siri personal assistant to a device other than the iPhone 4S, and they claim to have done it without violating any copyright laws.
A tool called Spire from developer "chpwn" can enable iPhone 4 users to run Apple's personal assistant application, Siri, on their handset. Apple still requires authorization for use of Siri, so users must work around this by inserting information from an iPhone 4S and using a proxy server address.

9.Argentina blocks iPhone sales in bid to strengthen economy

Argentina has temporarily blocked sales of certain electronics including Apple's iPhone and RIM's BlackBerry in order to stabilize the country's ailing economy, while suggesting that companies must build plants in the country to resume sales.
The decision by the Argentinian government claims that the selective consumer electronics ban is meant to slow rising inflation and correct the disparity between the pesos and U.S. dollar, according to website Manuals.ws.

10.Use Siri to Dictate Text to your Mac with Air Dictate


Everyone loves Siri, or at least everyone that can actually make it work with their less-than-perfect accent does. It may be great to be able to ask your iPhone to do things and dictate messages to it, but you know what would be insanely great?

Yep. Using Siri to dictate content on your Mac.

That’s where Air Dictate comes into play, giving iPhone 4S owners a way to harness the power of Siri’s dictation feature and have it send the resultant text over to a designated Mac.


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