Friday, 27 January 2012

The New Range of Ice-Cream Sandwich Tablets from Coby

CES 2012 was the venue of Coby’s display of a whole new series of tablets. The clan of ice cream sandwich slates was launched for the first time here, were still trial products, but user experience differed a great deal between models.
It won’t be too wrong to say that The Coby Family will give a stiff competition to the other price-savvy models as these tablets are priced at quite a reasonable amount.
Adding to that, they are equipped with all the cutting-edge features and technologies which a budget tablet fan yearns for. Here is a list of the tablets that were displayed at CES 2012 with their respective facets:
1. Model MID9742
The MID9742 has a screen of 9.7 inches with excellent graphics. Though the software seemed not up to the mark, it is still quite reliable or so it seemed. It is priced around $275.
2. Model MID8042
This is perhaps not a very recommendable version. It crashed during simple navigation which is not something expected of a tablet packed with ARM a8 1GHz processor. The screen is 8 inches in size and the presence of ICS in this smaller form is quite impressive.
3. Model MID7042
The MID7042 with its 7 inch display looks more like an e-reader which has decided to hold onto a physical home button in spite of its obsolete position on Android’s convergence OS. The price of $150 is quite in sync with the screen size.
4. Model MID7014
The MID7014 has a similar 7 inch display. It is powered with Android Gingerbread, a mini –USB port which is quite unusual, a micro-SD slot and no HDMI output as found on the other tablets. This model is likely to be priced at $100.
The dates when all of Coby’s ice cream sandwich tablets will be launched have not been declared yet, but we expect it to happen soon enough.

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  1. Seems like very good tablet series. I impressed with some features and specifications of MID9742 model. I am sure Ice Cream Sandwich OS will not disappoint you.