Friday, 27 January 2012

The New Vostro V131 Notebook from Dell

The Vostro V131 that has been launched by Dell has been getting great reviews from both new users and the seasoned professionals.

This latest series from Dell is said to have an excellent exterior finish that is of red color and are prone to the fingerprints due to the shiny coating. Its interior is covered with a black coating making it quite attractive.

This laptop looks quite light and compact with a superior build, excellent quality and striking design.

dell vostro

Enhanced Features of the Vostro V131

This particular series is said to come with various connectivity options. The ports that are present in the left come with an HDMI slot, USB port, card reader and an effective heatsink. The user can find two slots of USB 3.0, VGA port, 3.5mm jack and an Ethernet port, and a power slot is found on the back.

At the bottom panel in the front are the stereo speakers, with notification LED’s. This particular laptop gets power from Intel Core i3, and has a 2330M processor that runs at 2.2GHz clock speed.

Other specifications of this wonderful machine includes 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD with integrated HD3000 Intel Graphics card. Other usual stuffs like Wi-Fi, integrated webcam, fingerprint reader and Bluetooth 3.0 are present in it and the OS is Windows 7 Professional version.

Weak Points of this Laptop

The Vostro V131 is also said to have some flaws. The hinge area is considered to be extremely fragile and one could find an impression on the screen’s other side if pressed lightly on the outside.

The LCD is found a bit wanting as it causes the pixels to smear even on a light touch. The keyboard has plenty of armrest. However, the Vostro V131 has still taken market by storm and has grabbed some great positive remarks from its users and is recommended to the new users.

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