Friday, 13 January 2012

Samsung M370 – Standard Feature Phone for the Masses

The Samsung M370 has been introduced as the phone for the masses which unlike smart phones is affordable for a majority of people.This feature phone is designed for the masses who find hard to spend their hard earned money in the name of some trendy, hi-tech and specialized cell phone with the sleekest designs and instead desires something practical, durable and affordable.


Samsung M370 for Practical Customers

The Samsung M370 is designed especially for practical customers. Most of the practical customers do not want numerous features on their phones and instead desires the basic features of making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages without trouble and maybe at times, supporting some multimedia features like camera, internal storage space etc.With its decent style and looks, Samsung M370 seems like a perfect purchase for all the practical customers.

Built-in Tools in the Samsung M370

Along with the usual built-in tools like calendar, calculator and task list, the new Samsung M370 is also comprised of customizable photo caller ID and speaker-independent voice dialing facilities. The speaker-independent voice dialing tool has proved to be very helpful during situations, when the users’ both hands remain occupied.It is also equipped with the new built-in parental control setting which functions by restricting outgoing or incoming direct dial calls and also serves by limiting access to data services.

The Sprint Family Locator and other features of Samsung M370

The Sprint Family Locator featured in Samsung M370 along with the help of GPS technology helps the user to locate the phones of other members of the family, by displaying the location on an interactive map.Besides this, the phone also carries a 3.5mm universal jack, a camera of 1.3 mega pixels, a 256MB ROM, a 128MB RAM and also an internal storage space of 2MB.

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