Friday, 13 January 2012

Top 5 Android Video Player Apps

The Android mania is on the rise nowadays and manufacturers are running helter shelter to churn out Smartphones in numerous price ranges to stay alive in the competition. Being Open Source and free, Android has found its way into millions of handsets manufactured by almost every leading mobile brand.

Android has apps that do virtually everything from editing snaps to making presentations. With the advent of large screen phones, video watching on phones has turned into an interesting choice and the Android market has tons of video playback apps to offer. Here we check out the top Video player apps available on the Android market.

1. Rock Player Lite

A universally compatible video player, the Rock Player Lite has several built in codecs that support a wide variety of video formats other than x264 and MKV formats.It will definitely surprise you with the flawless playback and smooth transition of effects and virtually effortless navigation and control.


The provided user interface is very light and extremely fast. There is pretty much nothing to complain about the Rock Player Lite other than the slightly boring interface, but it will not be much of a problem actually.

2. Mobo Player

Having the ability to play just ordinary videos is not what several hardcore smartphone enthusiasts prefer today. What they want is pure video entertainment and the Mobo Player offers just about that.


It offers even 1080p video playback that will take High Def playback on Smartphones to a new level. It offers good video streaming via HTTP and RTSP protocols.

It also offers a wide variety of Sound options that will suit different video clips and in all the Mobo Player is a package to be considered if you are an Android junkie.

3. QQ Player

Barring the huge size requirements which stand at a remarkable 10 MB, the QQ player offers one of the best interfaces for any Video playing app on Android and is definitely one of the best out there.


Playback of any kind of media files including heavyweights such as MKV. The auto lock feature can be annoying at times but the software offers a solution in the form of anti lock when you are viewing a movie in your Smartphone.

4. MX Video Player

The player offers a unique property of offering Zooming while the video is playing and that too in sync with touch gestures. The MX video player offers separate Codec packs but it can turn a bit confusing at times.


However it is better in terms of performance as compared to those with built in codecs. The MX video player is best for those Smartphones that have graphics support from the likes of NVIDIA Tegra and ARM Neon.

5. mVideo Player

This video software pretty much supports all modern video formats except for ones like MKV which is by its standard a heavy weight format.


Interestingly it has an automatic sub title search engine that gets you the subtitle files of the latest movies from OpenSubtitles.Org.

So there you have it folks, 5 of the most rated Android Video player apps available in the Android Market.


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  2. I think MX player is the best among the top android video playing apps that are available for free.