Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sony Ericsson Plans to Change Fortunes in 2012 with Nyphon and Nozomi..


 The year 2011 was not so bright for Sony Ericsson with no major launches happening and the ones that were launched failed to gain significant exposure in the market.
However, the company aims to turn the tides in its favour in 2012 as they are planning to roll out a slew of new models this year starting with the Sony Ericsson Nyphon and the Sony Ericsson Nozomi.
Given the size and specs of these models, Sony is expected to peg them as the brand’s flagship models. So let us take a closer look to examine which one is poised to capture the market faster.

The Nozomi is somewhat a clear cut smartphone with futuristic styling complemented by stylish button bars and matte finish. The Nyphon is more of a conventional model that is very simple in design and is very compact. So round one goes to the Nozomi which is definitely the more sophisticated looking of the two.
What lies beneath
These days Smartphones are tending to be more powerful than computers as exemplified by the capacity of their processors. The Nozomi packs in a 1 GHz processor with a 1GB RAM to handle the most daunting tasks with ease.
However, the clear winner in this round is the Nyphon which has the same 1GB of RAM but has a 1.5 GHz core that will definitely boost its performance.
Android all the way
There is not much to look in detail as far as the Operating Platforms of both Smartphones are concerned. They both run on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and offers full fledged support for all Android apps and games.
However, the Nyphon is by default ready for an upgrade to the Ice-cream Sandwich OS when it is made available. So a slight advantage exists in the long run for the Nyphon here as well.
Camera and Display

The Nozomi is the winner in this category as it boasts of a larger 4.3 inch touch screen display that is capacitive in nature as compared to the 4.0 inches of the Nyphon which is also by the way capacitive and full touch screen enabled.
Nozomi also fares well with its inbuilt camera that is rated at 12 Mega Pixels and offers 1080p video recording along with LED flash support. The Nyphon has only an 8 Mega pixel rear camera with LED flash. Both have a secondary front camera for video calling purposes.
Entertainment and Multimedia
Both the Nyphon and Nozomi are packed with all necessary software to support a wide variety of media formats. They also come with 3.5 mm audio jacks for external audio connectivity. There is adequate storage facility which stands at 16 GB for both the models.
Connectivity and Internet Options
These options are pretty much the same in both which includes Wi-Fi, high speed Bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports etc. Both the phones are 3G enabled and will thus offer seamless high speed internet connectivity and video calling facility.
Final Verdict
As you can see, there is nothing much to differentiate the two in terms of specifications with a little plus or minus here and there. However, the pricing which has not been announced yet is expected to play a crucial part in deciding who the clear winner among the two is.

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