Monday, 16 January 2012

Unlimited Music On Ur Iphone

A cloud-based streaming music service will be available for Apple’s various devices. Expected date of releasing the free application is summer. At CES representatives said that the catalog of Music Unlimited already includes 15 million songs.


As the matter of the fact the Music Unlimited is Sony’s music service, we can assume that the company is ready to offer its vast content ecosystem to devices outside of its own. President of Sony Network Entertainment believes that cloud-based services are in an early stage of competition and Sony is getting its skin in the game. At Consumer Electronic Show he said: "You can be a Sony customer, but that doesn't mean every product you own comes from Sony. We have an opportunity to reach these customers, and show them the benefit of being a Sony customer." The president also noted that Music Unlimited has more than a million active subscribes, however the figure includes premium and trial members.

Availability on Music Unlimited is increasing. It has accessibility in 13 countries around the world.

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