Wednesday, 8 February 2012

IPFire 2.11 Core 56 and PCLinuxOS KDE 2012.02 ISO Released

IPFire is a Linux distro which promises easy installation, nice handling capability and a high level of security. It operates through an intuitive web-based interface that is offered for beginners and professionals. It is maintained by developers concerned about security. Know more about the 2 releases...

Core Update 56 for IPFire 2.11 has been released. It is mainly a bug-fix  and security update.


The new features include

  • Images that automatically scale up the partitions at first boot. 
  • Fixed baud rate on flash images
  • Reloads static routes after connecting to the internet.
  • Allows “:” character in configuration settings
  • Fixed changing passwords of proxy users.
  • Fixed block device detection for graphs and other scripts
  • Fixed starting/stopping errors in the openvpn-control binary for net-to-net connections

PCLinuxOS KDE and KDE-MiniME 2012.02 have been released. These are 32 bit quarterly update isos that can also be installed on 64 bit computers.


The new update features

  • Kernel kernel for maximum desktop performance.
  • Full KDE 4.6.5 Desktop
  • Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support
  • Multimedia playback support for many popular formats
  • Wireless support for many network devices
  • Printer support for many local and networked printer devices

Know more about IPFire 2.11 Core 56 and PCLinuxOS KDE 2012.02 ISO Release

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