Wednesday, 8 February 2012

SalineOS 1.6 released

SalineOS is an open source Operating System that is lightweight and fast. It is built on the Debian GNU/Linux repositories. It uses Xfce as the desktop environment. Now the SalineOS 1.6 images are available for download. Know more on SalineOS 1.6.


This release brings SalineOS up to date with the Debian 6.0.4 release. This release features a set of Thunar custom actions & scripts to increase the functionality of the Thunar file manager to do following

  • open a directory as root,
  • open a root terminal here 
  • mark as executable 
  • run an MD5SUM 
  • convert stupid image formats (nrg mdf) to standard ISO images 
  • a simple disk usage utility and so on...

Get all the above mentioned custom actions on previous releases of SalineOS by executing the following command in a root termina(this will overwrite any Thunar custom actions that is currently set)

wget http://www.salineos.com/Scripts/customactions.run && chmod +x ./customactions.run && ./customactions.run

Know more on SalineOS 1.6

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